Supporting the child with Dyspraxia/DCD in the classroom

Over the three weeks the attendees will cover be provided with a toolkit of tips and strategies to address the challenges faced by children with DCD whilst recognising the common feathures of DCD in the classroom. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in a questions and answers session and pose scenarios and specific queries in the final webinar. Week 1. What are the signs and symptoms of dyspraxia/DCD in the classroom? How to support handwriting and motor skills difficulties for the child with dyspraxia in the classroom? This webinar will examine the signs of dyspraxia/DCD in the classroom. We will discuss the experience of DCD for the child and the impact on learning and inclusion. We will look at the main handwriting and motor difficulties children with Dyspraxia/DCD experience. We will examine how to assess these difficulties and the key strategies to support handwriting and motor development for the primary school child. Week 2: Week 2. Self-regulation difficulties - helping the child to develop self-management skills in the classroom and whole school activities. Children with dyspraxia/DCD often face many difficulties with self-regulation including poor physical, and emotional regulation. Signs of poor regulation may include children appearing sluggish/zoned out, unable to sit still. The webinar will provide attendees with a toolkit of regulation friendly strategies to enhance the learning and inclusion of all children not just children with DCD! Week 3: Week 3. Enhancing the child with dyspraxia/DCD’s executive functioning skills, well-being, and inclusion in the school setting Children with Dyspraxia often struggle to get things done, they can procrastinate, find it difficult to plan and organise tasks, manage their time and self-monitor their actions. These challenges are related to executive functioning difficulties which often become more apparent as the child with dyspraxia get older. This session will address the strategies to develop executive functioning skills and reduce the social and emotional consequences of dyspraxia/DCD and the potential impacts on learning, well-being and inclusion. The session will provide key strategies and tips to enhance well-being and inclusion for children with DCD.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 19-04-2021 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 10-05-2021 8:30 pm
Registration Start Date 18-03-2021
Capacity 40
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Cut off date 11-05-2021
Course Fee FREE
Speaker Áine Ó Dea.
Number Hours 5 Certtified CPD Hours